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Patio Seating


To make your reservation, give us a call, or visit us on OpenTable. When you select a time for your reservation, you will see any available Patio seating as an 'Outdoor Seating' option. As the weather gets colder, we will have heat lamps out by the tables, until we shut down the patio for the winter. Ask a manager if you'd like to feed the koi!

A few things to know about our patio seating:

• There are no umbrellas at the tables

• We do our best to contact reservations when weather forces us to close our patio. Unfortunately, due to the currently limited seating capacity of the restaurant, we can not guarantee you an indoor reservation in the event your patio reservation is rained out or must be canceled. 

• In the unlikely event that a weather event occurs in the middle of your patio meal, we will do our best to accommodate you inside the restaurant, but we cannot guarantee that there will be seating available due to current seating restrictions. In this event, we will package up the remainder of your dinner and do our best to make it right.  

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